Bard security door

A powerful double sheet structure. Concealed hinges. Bard is synonymous with energy.

Introducing Bard: an impenetrable security door with an extraordinarily robust shape and sophisticated style.

Bard is perfect against the most experienced burglars. The main distinguishing feature of this door is its robustness. Indeed, thanks to its double sheet metal structure, the front door is certified in burglar-resistance class 4 in accordance with European standard UNI EN 1627-1628-1629-1630. The front door from the Essential line of security doors is a flush fitting security door, comprising an inner panel that is perfectly flush with the wall. The door has a thermal transmittance value of 1.4 w/m²k and guarantees an outstanding acoustic insulation value of 45 db. The front door is entirely customisable with a wide range of finishes. The texture also continues on the edges because the door is devoid of profiles on both the panel and the frame side. Bard has a standard size of 2100 mm in height by 900 mm. However, doors with customised dimensions are available and you can also choose between a single door and a double door.

Frame and hinges

The fixed frame can be painted in various colours depending on the customer’s taste and it proves perfectly in line with the ledge placed on the outside of the masonry.

The internal profile allows the perfectly smooth application of the plaster on the wall.

The concealed hinges are factory fitted to the frame to have a 5 mm clearance between the frame and the door and can be painted the same colour as the frame.

Lock and accessories

The door is supplied with an internal handle, peephole, external knob or grab bar and, where envisaged, the aperture limiter control. As a rule, the cylinder is already fitted in the lock and envisages an installer key and five user keys. Mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical locks are available for this type of door.

Bard comes with an adjustable draught bar, which allows the sealing strip to rest against the floor.

Technical diagrams and dimensions
1/2 Electro-galvanised sheet metal load-bearing flush-fitting frame, th. 20/10, with continuous bolt obtained via the specific pressure bending process.
3 3 (three) patented concealed hinges adjustable in height and width from the frame and fitted onto 3 Omega reinforcements.
4 Anti-warping pressure bent sheet metal reinforcements applied to the back of the frame opposite the closing points.
5 Door structure in electro-galvanised double sheet metal with a th. 10/10, for greater strength and stiffness. Continuous anti-unhinging profile on the hinge side obtained thanks to the specific pressure bending process of the door sheet metal.
6 1 (one) vertical Omega reinforcement in electro-galvanised sheet metal, th. 10/10.
7 Electro-galvanised sheet metal pressure bent, th. 10/10 which creates an enveloping protection over all the closing mechanisms of the swing door (lock and side bolts) along the full height of the door. This construction technology enables the overlapping of the metal sheets along the area featuring the closing systems (lock and side bolts). Specifically, the overall thickness before the lock is 4 mm, two of which are in manganese steel, whereas it is 2 mm along the perimeter. Aesthetically, this construction method means there are no invasive elements on show when the door is open, such as rivets, screws and bolts.
8 Square-section horizontal reinforcement bars distributed appropriately along the height of the door.
9 Lock designed to accommodate a European cylinder with safety bolts/rectangular deadbolt as per design, equipped with anti-burglar lock.
10 Manganese drill-resistant plate, th. 20/10, to protect the lock.
11 External crowbar- and drill-resistant defender for European cylinder complete with unbreakable reinforcement flange to protect the fixing elements.
12 Double rectangular side bolt with withdrawal-resistant lock.
13 Upper closing rod.
14 Double perimeter sealing strip for improved thermal and acoustic comfort.
15 Thermally and acoustically insulated panels located inside the panel body.
16 Inner covering panel bordered with 12 mm thick wood along the perimeter.
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