Borromeo security door

Maximum linearity and geometric rigour for an exclusive look. It is distinguished by simple, clean-cut silhouettes, thanks to the in-wall frame which does away with the need for any finishing edging trim.

A hidden passageway, yet in full view.
Absence which is presence.
Union, which is separation.
Discretion, which provides protection.


Borromeo is a class 3 security door designed for wall-flush installation, which stands out for its monolithic interior panel made with folding technology, available in three different finishes: veneered, lacquered and open-pore lacquered. Borromeo can be combined with lacquered or wood interior panelling and is equipped with a lock designed to accommodate a European cylinder. It is available up to a height of 2400 cm and is fitted with 2 concealed hinges, which work as both the door rotation element as well as a tamper-resistant deadbolt. The thermal transmittance is 0.9 and the basic acoustic insulation is 40 decibels.


Available upon request, the x1R Smart model electromechanical lock – manufactured by ISEO – is designed to unlock the door simply by moving the handle; the subsequent locking occurs the moment the door is shut. On the external side, the lock can be opened either by means of a mechanical key or by using ISEO's special App "Argo," which is available free of charge: upon user registration through specific credentials provided by the company at the time of purchase, the app allows the user to detect presence at the entrance, enabling the lock to be opened.


Check the measurements of the counter frame in width, height and diagonal beforehand; then proceed with the installation of the counter frame, using the cementing lugs without removing the spacers. As a first step, screw in the anchors using the holes provided on the counter frame uprights, located near the U-bolts. During the installation procedure, remember to use a level to check the plumbness of the vertical uprights, top crossbeam and floor plane in the door handling area.

When the cementitious material used to fasten the counter frame is completely dry, remove the spacers using a hacksaw; at this point, clean the counter frame of any residual mortar or plaster and insert the threaded brackets into the counter frame U-bolts.

Continue by attaching the vertical uprights of the frame to the threaded brackets of the counter frame; after that, insert the frame cross member from the inside to the outside and attach it to the threaded brackets.

Place a 150-mm-wide 4-mm shim - made of MDF or cardboard - near the upright, perpendicular to the frame and on the hinge side. Approach the door and place it on the shim at a 90-degree angle to the frame, and then rotate the door hinge so that it can fit into the dedicated recess, located in the frame hinge upright. At this point, start screwing in the pins, but do not tighten them completely; then, lift the door slightly and remove the shim. Check that closing the door allows the lock latch to engage properly with the frame, making sure that there is a gap of about 6 mm between the frame and the ajar door; finally, tighten the pins permanently.

Keeping the door slightly open, place the panel next to the door armour, lifting it up and matching the top of it to the door sheet; press down gently and proceed with the final fastening, starting with the lock side.

Last, mount the supplied accessories (internal handle, aperture limiter control-if provided, peephole, external knob or grab bar).

Technical diagrams and dimensions
1 Electro-galvanised sheet metal counter frame, th. 20/10.
2 Electro-galvanised sheet metal frame, th. 20/10.0.
3 Pair of patented concealed hinges, height and width adjustable. Designed also to have an anti-unhinging function.
4 Electro-galvanised sheet metal panel body, th. 12/10.
5 3 (three) vertical Omega reinforcements in electro-galvanised sheet metal, 12/10 thick.
6 Lock designed to accommodate a European cylinder with safety bolts/rectangular deadbolt equipped with anti-burglar lock.
7 Manganese drill-resistant plate, th. 20/10, to protect the lock.
8 External crowbar- and drill-resistant defender for cylinder.
9 Double rectangular side bolt with withdrawal-resistant lock.
10 Upper closing rod.
11 Double perimeter sealing strip for improved thermal and acoustic comfort.
12 Thermally and acoustically insulated panels located inside the panel body.
13 Wood interior covering panel made using Folding technology, th. 21 mm
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