Comfort Libro

The story of a setting

An original, constantly developing design. Elegance which, composed, breaks down, preserving style and bearing.

Optimising space, without having to rethink your styling requirements. Comfort Libro is a swing door that makes compact spaces a little bigger, enhancing the appeal of their contents. A design object that offers greater freedom, more space and breadth. A novel to browse, a pleasure on the eye. Versatile and customisable, it is available in various finishes: white, veined white wood, white rosewood, grey rosewood, anthracite oak and walnut.

Composite yet logical: like origami. An entrance that, as it opens, folds onto itself; a boundary that, when ajar, restores integrity. One, as indivisible; double, as malleable. A pocket extension of the wall.

Modern, yet classic: the central concealed hinges allow the panels to fold back onto themselves, hiding from view. The original, eye-catching style converges into the room. It spreads throughout the room and emphasises the furniture.

One volume, which reduces its volume. Which opens, allowing you to read what it conceals. And then it shuts, sealed tight, and delegates the storytelling to its cover.

Like a book, classic and fantasy literature, which conceals a vast realm within its pages.

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