Comfort Luce Sliding Door for Base

Comfort Luce Sliding Door for Base

Right in the middle of a closure opens a panel of light. The element that should separate and divide by excellence, namely the door, assumes new intended uses, becoming versatile, enigmatic and sophisticated. Scrigno’s Comfort Luce flush-fitting door, available in both the swing and sliding versions, has a door with a central panel in etched glass, which emphasises the lightness and brightness of its structure. Thanks to its minimal and stark silhouettes, the flawless geometry of the door is emphasised. Its shapes allow you to have more light in your surroundings and at the same time maximum privacy. The sophisticated partially see-through effect creates a unique ambiance with its presence, blocking off smells and noises but not the sense of airiness, openness and brightness that guarantees domestic well-being. Slimline, yet robust and hard-wearing, the Comfort Luce door is ideal in a variety of stylistic settings, from the simplest and most traditional to the most contemporary, and in every room of your home. It can separate the kitchen from the living room when the hob is on, without blocking the view, and open up completely when the desired look is one large open space. Or it can frame a walk-in wardrobe, separating it from the bedroom while benefiting from the same source of light. Lastly, it can seal off a bathroom, ensuring brightness, styling appeal and, concurrently, complete privacy.

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