Comfort Luce Swing Door

A bright entrance hall

Giving light a bright and appealing look. Mastering it to welcome it indoors.

Evanescent, ethereal. And yet concurrently physical and concrete. As if defining art, Comfort Luce gives abstraction a look, to make it tangible. Light is captured and enters the room: but veiled and docile. It then expands in the room, lighting it up everywhere.

As if wishing to frame it, the profile of the door envelops the central glass panel which is etched to guarantee privacy.

Elegant, lightweight. Comfort Luce converge sunlight and acts as a spokesperson for it, for the benefit of your interiors. The stark silhouettes of the wooden profile contrast with the lightness of the glass and lend a sense of complicity, of a perfect understanding.

The luminous reflections dance on the walls and the colours come to light. Natural light makes the atmosphere more serene, limiting the need for artificial light sources.

Design and efficiency, benefits and quality. An independent light diffuses comfort throughout the home.

A door, a glimmer of light: a border that can be crossed, which conveys immensity.

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