Comfort Xterna

An external wall sliding solution - the perfect combination of strength and lightness

The perfect combination of strength and lightness, functionality and technical quality, Scrigno’s Comfort Xterna external wall sliding door is designed to guide the passage of light and sound from one room to another, without affecting masonry, in order to make the most of your home’s internal space. It is a solution designed to separate settings, even if the walls are not sufficiently large or thick to include a counter frame and pocket door. This optimises the available floor space, without taking up the space of the traditional swing door or having to create extra thickness to accommodate the counter frame for the door to slide into. The hardware kit and the pelmet and upright kit, with brake, - all accessories supplied with the door - installation is quick and easy, and does not require time-consuming and costly structural work. Slim, yet sturdy and hard-wearing, Comfort Xterna can be teamed with doors in wood, wood and glass or glass only. Indeed, with the right cover, the door ceases to be merely a functional element of the interior, but it goes up a notch to become part of the aesthetics, of the style and décor of the rooms.

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Comfort Xterna