Sismondo security door

A sliding security solution devised to delimit a restricted area or create a panic room: a system conceived to protect, while at the same time spreading a feeling of lightness, specific to sliding systems.

A cosy and comfy retreat? A restricted area in an indoor space? A panic room to hide in? Introducing Sismondo. The sliding security door.

Sismondo is the sliding security door by Scrigno devised to divide indoor settings. The door can be chosen to mark off a restricted area or to create a panic room in your home. The sliding armoured panel is made with a box in 20/10 thick painted galvanised sheet metal and sound-absorbing insulated panels inside it to ensure improved thermal and acoustic comfort. Both the inner and the outer panels are 12 mm thick. Nevertheless, the outer panel can vary in thickness, upon request, up to a maximum of 27 mm. The door is fully customisable in terms of finishes. The standard size of the Sismondo security door is 2100 mm in height and 900 mm wide.

The case, track crosspiece and hanger

The case fitted is in 20/10 thick painted galvanised sheet metal. Sismondo is also fitted with the Scrigno Gold sliding door system, composed of an extruded anodised aluminium track and a pair of hangers with steel bodies and four sealed ball bearings.

Lock and accessories

Sismondo is fitted with a catch lock and latch pins which retain the door even at intermediate positions. There is also a track on the floor to help the door close more smoothly.

The door is fitted with catch locks to ensure greater security in the rooms. The door can be customised, and you can choose the handles on both the inside and the outside, from various models and finishes.

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