Counter frame - Essential Sliding

Doing away with doorposts and edging trims, for a minimalist look

When there is perfect harmony between the wall and the door, the counter frame is Essential Sliding. It is patented by Scrigno.
Essential Sliding is the flush-fitting counter frame that allows the sliding door to melt away into the wall, for a smooth and balanced flush fit.

Scrigno designed this technically impeccable solution, which uses the essential elements of the frame, eradicating all the superfluous ones. There are no doorposts or edging trims, merely the essential structure. Its functionality remains intact.

The wall has no obstacles and is free from any type of finish. The plaster is applied directly onto the aluminium profiles which, once painted like the wall, prove imperceptible to sight. The overall aesthetic effect is harmonious and clean-cut.

The Essential Sliding counter frame is available in the single door and double door versions and is the perfect fit for masonry and plasterboard walls.

Its dimensions are customisable, to accommodate the needs of its surroundings, each and every time.

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