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The extensive range of Scrigno counter-frames guarantees maximum design versatility for customers and professionals so that you always find what you want without compromising.

Available in the Platinum and Tech lines, these are extremely durable solutions with superior performance - so much so that tests on the connection's rigidity have recognised them as the most robust on the market.

All our counter-frames are the result of continuous studies and technological research that have made them unique: they offer an unparalleled level of smoothness and silence, to create harmonious and comfortable habitats, and stand out for their great simplicity of installation.

Sliding Opening System

Sliding Opening Systems represent versatile and sophisticated solutions that combine a counter-frame with a sliding door.

Available in both flush-wall and jamb versions, these systems are designed to match your specific design needs.

The range includes solutions for wooden and glass sliding doors or special solutions, offering a wide choice of materials and finishes to satisfy every style and functionality.




The lines

The wide range of Scrigno counter-frames offers maximum design flexibility, guaranteeing the possibility of finding the ideal solution without compromise. Available in the Platinum and Tech lines, these counter-frames are the result of extensive technological research and offer unparalleled smoothness and silence, helping to create harmonious and comfortable environments.


Platinum Line

The Platinum Line represents a versatile collection of design solutions for sliding doors.
This line's counter-frames, characterised by a double-level guide with mechanical or magnetic sliding, prove to be among the quietest, as well as the most durable over time.
Made with the sturdy ALUZINC® and equipped with a sheet metal thickness that ensures solidity, the counter-frames guarantee unparalleled durability and performance.

Tech Line

This series of counter-frames is made entirely of galvanised sheet metal, to ensure solidity and reliability.
Each product was created to simplify assembly and installation operations, making them intuitive and quick.
The side's solidity, attested by the strict tests of accredited institutes, gives stability to the structure.
The Tech Line contains the solutions to best meet the needs most demanded by the market: lightness, range of accessories and strength.

Types of counter-frames

Available in two distinctive variants, our flush-wall counter-frames or ones with jambs offer versatile design solutions to suit your architectural needs.

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