EcoVadis 2024 Bronze Medal
17 Jun 2024

We’re proud to announce that we were recently awarded an EcoVadis 2024 Bronze Medal in recognition of our commitment to sustainable development and dedication to responsible business ethics. This important achievement reflects the focus on environmental protection and respect for people and the community in the decisions we make, which have put Scrigno in the top 22% of companies assessed by the organization.

EcoVadis is the biggest and most authoritative provider of business sustainability ratings in the world. With more than 100,000 rated companies in its vast network, EcoVadis is the undisputed leader in its field. It gives businesses on the international scene the opportunity to measure their efforts on the sustainability front and promote constant improvement. EcoVadis analyses key aspects such as environmental impact, human rights, business ethics and responsible procurement practices.

The awarding of this prestigious accolade is even more significant this year, because new assessment methods have been introduced since last year. Instead of pre-defined scores, the results for 2024 are based on comparison with the performances of other companies all over the world.

In its industry, Scrigno is in:

  • The top 14% of rated companies in terms of environmental impact;
  • The top 6% of rated companies in terms of sustainable procurement;
  • The top 11% of rated companies overall.

It’s gratifying to receive this recognition of the progress we’ve made on our sustainability journey, which will motivate us to take an even more positive approach to the environment, labour, rights and business ethics.

“Next year we’ll also be able to add the Carbon Footprint rating we got this year, which will help to improve our environment score. We intend to carry on working hard to enhance our policies regarding ethics, inclusion and respect for people’s rights, in order to reach ever greater heights and earn a Gold Medal,” states Mirko Bussi, the Scrigno Group QHSE Manager.

EcoVadis 2024 Bronze Medal - Scrigno is in the top 35% most sustainable companies