Scrigno Group acquires Rintal
24 Jun 2024

Scrigno Group, a leading opening solutions player in Europe, has acquired Rintal, a renowned specialist manufacturer of designer indoor and outdoor stairs. Scrigno’s acquisition of a majority stake in Rintal has led to the creation of a new business group with consolidated revenue of over €130 million. Rintal’s current owners will remain as minority shareholders, thus giving continuity to the strategic development of the company.

The acquisition will enable Scrigno Group to considerably expand its product offer and provide increasingly comprehensive and innovative solutions for architecture, design and construction projects. The investment underlines Scrigno’s ever greater dedication to supplying cutting-edge living solutions and broadening its range of products to satisfy the needs of both B2B customers and end consumers.

“The acquisition of Rintal marks a significant step forward in our pursuit of excellence in designs and comfort for homes,”said Fabrizio Campanella, the CEO of Scrigno Group. “By joining forces with Rintal, we’re excited to be able to provide integrated and innovative solutions capable of catering to the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers.”

“We’re proud to be joining Scrigno Group, which espouses many of our own values, including a focus on product quality and constant innovation in design and technology,” states Rintal founder Rino Talenti.

Scrigno Group continues to stand out as a leading provider of opening systems thanks to its focus on design and aesthetics, along with the quality and functionality of its products. The addition of stairs to its product portfolio means that Scrigno Group can now offer its customers a comprehensive array of solutions to enhance the comfort and liveability of their homes.


Based in Rimini (Italy), Scrigno is a leader in opening solutions. Founded in 1989, Scrigno has become an international benchmark brand thanks to the innovative content and excellent quality of its pocket door systems for sliding doors. With the acquisitions of Master in 2017 and CCE in 2019, Scrigno expanded its activities and now operates as the Scrigno Group through three divisions: sliding doors, security doors, and automatic seals for windows and doors. The Scrigno Group employs 350 people and manages five plants in Italy, producing over 400,000 sliding door frames, 35,000 security doors, and 1 million seals annually. More than 50% of Scrigno's products are exported to over 30 countries, with branches in France, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Since November 2021, Scrigno has continued its expansion within the portfolio of PAI Partners MMF, a Private Equity firm investing in mid-market leaders across Europe. As part of this expansion, Rintal, a long-established Italian company specialising in the production of designer stairs, joined the Group in June 2024.
Founded in Forlì (Italy) in 1974, Rintal has been a hallmark of Italian entrepreneurial success for 50 years. Thanks to the vision of its founder, Rino Talenti, who transformed stairs from mere functional elements into design features, the company has become a leader in the national and international markets for interior design stairs, retractable stairs, railings, and coverings for masonry stairs and mezzanines.
Rintal is synonymous with the quality and excellence of Made in Italy. Its widespread presence in the Italian market is ensured by a network of 70 agents and 30 showrooms, while internationally, Rintal stairs are distributed through hundreds of dealers and two direct commercial branches in France and Spain. Each year, Rintal produces 6,000 design stairs and 14,600 retractable stairs in its three production sites in Italy, offering high-quality products that meet the demands of a global market.


Scrigno Group has acquired a majority stake in Rintal, a long-established Italian specialist manufacturer of designer indoor and outdoor stairs.