Stability and styling come together in the Filo44 flush-fitting system, completely reversible on four sides

Stability and styling come together in the Filo44 flush-fitting system, completely reversible on four sides

Scrigno’s Filo44 flush-fitting swing door is reversible, opening to the left or right, either push or pull. The door is free from edging trims and the panel remains completely flush with the wall. Filo44, available ready for delivery, can be installed using clamps onto masonry or plasterboard walls.
The door panel is made of hollow core with a thickness of 44 mm covered with lacquer paper. The door is designed to accommodate an automatically rising or falling sealing strip. The frame is in extruded aluminium and clamps are fitted for anchoring to the wall. A fine fibre glass plastering mesh is supplied for positioning between the structure and the masonry wall. The wall adapts to masonry walls with a finished thickness of 90 mm or more and plasterboard walls with an overall thickness of 100 mm or more. The opening width varies between 600 and 1000 mm in width for both brick walls and plasterboard partitions. The height measurement is standard.

The door is supplied with three silver concealed hinges adjustable along three axes and a magnetic lock. Key with matt chrome front plate and retainer plate. The automatically rising sealing strip is applied to the top of the panel, a falling strip can also be applied upon request. The sealing strip to be fitted to the frame is white.
The handle is not supplied.

The product is supplied in a single box. It consists of the frame, crosspiece, door panel, automatic sealing strip, hardware kit, plastering mesh for brick walls and box of accessories for the door installation.

The frame is supplied with the crosspiece disassembled so you can choose the type of opening (pull or push) and whether it opens to the left or right. To fit the crosspiece to the frame, simply insert the brackets on the crosspiece and connect the upright using screws. Lastly, adjust the clamps by 90°, depending on whether the door opens to the left or right, to attach the structure to the wall.

Technical diagrams and dimensions
Filo44 Filo44


Opening width mm Width dimension mm Height dimension mm
600 x 2100 680 2130
700 x 2100 780
800 x 2100 880
900 x 2100 980
1000 x 2100 1080
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