The task focused mainly on the new indoor distribution and on coming up with new finishes. Specifically in the kitchen, the living room and the staircase.

We knocked down large sections of wall to enable the interiors to communicate more freely with each other, both visually and functionally.

The kitchen door, which faces the apartment's entrance, was widened and fitted with SCRIGNO Essential Scorrevole Double with pocket sliding glass doors..

We chose the Ghost handle. which mounts without drilling, and the Slow Glass system to ensure a soft stop when the doors are closed. The lunch area wall was demolished to a height of 130 cm to enable direct visual communication and allow more light into the room. The Scrigno door was a particularly effective choice for the apartment, since it fits perfectly into the newly designed corridor which features panels of different colours and finishes.

The end effect gives a new rhythm to the vestibule, which was originally quite featureless and unappealing.

The project consists in the restoration of a loft apartment in a three storey condominium close to the historic centre of Rimini.

For this project, the architect chose