A nous deux, Haussmann

Scrigno solutions shine bright in the City of Light, in a Haussman-style apartment renovated by the architect Noel Dominguez Truchot.

The challenge
A couple of passionate travellers, who love architecture and industry trends, turn to the architect Noel Dominguez Truchot to intervene in their home space: the change needs to be effective and refined, so that an overall harmony can reign in the apartment, from the living area to the slumber quarters. In order to meet these particular needs, the architect relies on the Scrigno Gold Pratico counter frames, professionally installed by the construction firm M&Batiment: the Scrigno solutions are designed with the aim of creating a link between the impressive elegance of the Haussman-style features and the more radical and marked characteristics of modern spaces such as the laundry or kitchen, enhancing the apartment’s purity of lines.

Dialogue between past and present
Changing without distorting and modernising without neglecting the historical-artistic identity of the dwelling: the Scrigno solutions, which are simple yet unmistakable, allow for a dialogue between the Nineteenth Century and the Twenty-First. Elegant and discreet, they are not imposing, but are instead entirely in keeping with the candour that rules the walls, reflecting the impeccable detailing of the marvellous stuccoed ceilings.

The result is exquisite
Luxe, lumière et élégance: once the renovation work was complete, the apartment was enhanced by a balance of strength and charm, both modern and concurrently old, which allows its inhabitants to enjoy a refined and comfortable space. The light, which streams in through the large windows that embrace the rooms of the home, is reflected on the door profiles, accentuating the volumes and creating games of shadows. In this context, the Gold Pratico counter frames, consisting of a single case designed to accommodate two overlapping sliding doors, grant access to the two rooms adjacent to the bathroom and bedroom, doubling the opening width, rendering the space truly unique and affording impressive overall consistency.

The architect Noel Dominguez Truchot comments: “During the renovation work, we wanted to use only the highest-quality materials to ensure the customers were given an experience destined to stand the test of time. Renovations are always tricky, as they entail the upheaval of domestic settings, giving the customers back a completely different apartment yet which, at the end of the day, can make them feel ‘ at home’. To this end, the Scrigno solutions allowed us to make style changes in a living space that already donned a strong architectural identity, without however depriving the rooms of that emotion and warmth that one feels when one crosses the threshold of one’s home.

Frédéric Bellettato, Sales Manager of Scrigno France, states: “The customers for this particular project wanted a restyling with a modern twist of their logement (French for dwelling) that would be in keeping with the current architectural trends. This was exactly what was successfully achieved thanks to Noel Dominguez, famous throughout France for the quality and originality of his projects. The architect expertly integrated our solutions in a high prestige home, thereby making the most of the full potential of the apartment and combining modernity with efficiency and design.

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  • Completion:2017
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