Beauty inhabits the house of infinity

The work of Alberto Campo Baeza, the house rises like a podium crowned by a horizontal upper Roman travertine surface that onto the sandy beach, built by constructing a crate measuring 20 metres in width and 36 metres in depth. Below the first 12 metres lie the residential quarters over two storeys dug into the stone, a material that dominates the entire structure up to the entrance wall that separates it from the road, giving a sense of timeless solidity. Once across the wall, access to the inside is along the stairs dug into the surface of the bare platform, bordered on three sides by brickwork bulkheads which protect it against the wind.

Overlooking the waters that bring together the new and old continent, at the Casa del Infinito (House of Infinity), history is projected towards modernity. Indeed, not far from this ethereal place lie the ruins of Baelo Claudia, an ancient Roman city in the vicinity of the village of Bolonia, one of Andalucia’s best-preserved archaeological sites, a settlement in honour of which Alberto Campo Baeza coined his project.

The indisputable sophistication of the architectural structure is mirrored with the same care in the Interior Design, with impeccable choices from a styling and functional perspective. To this end, in search of a solution capable of dividing the rooms without encroaching on the spaces, the Studio opted for Essential Sliding by Scrigno to separate the private bathrooms and the wardrobe rooms accessible directly from the individual bedrooms located on the ground floor. This system is capable of fully satisfying the specific needs of this project, selected by virtue of an unrivalled elegance and the possibilities afforded by the Essential line to do away with doorposts and edging trims, creating a merger between the door and the wall which generates a continuum between the rooms. Perfectly in keeping with the very character of the project, these solutions are distinguished by clean-cut silhouettes, a minimalism that is also echoed in the choice of white lacquered finishes.

On the first floor, Essential Sliding in the single door version was used to separate the kitchen from the central vestibule, topped by a skylight through which natural light floods the rooms. This area grants direct access to the dining room via a wide opening that From this area, leaving your eyes free to roam through the glass to make out the outdoor landscape. This passageway can, when necessary, be closed thanks to Essential Sliding in the double door version, to define a privacy context in a room that opens onto infinity.

Francesco Bigoni, CMO of Scrigno Group, comments: “At Casa del Infinito, the concept of eternity takes on a concrete form, which can be appreciated from every viewpoint. In the words of the architect Alberto Campo Baeza, the aim of this intervention was precisely to create a home that would remain in people’s memories and hearts. Scrigno is proud to be part of such a prestigious and internationally-acclaimed project, chosen because of the high styling value that distinguishes our solutions. A presence that confirms the brand’s ability to accommodate the needs and desires of designers, even the most sophisticated, with systems that stand out on the competitive landscape.

Essential Sliding by Scrigno - leader in the manufacturing and marketing of exclusive counter frames for pocket sliding doors and windows - plays the starring role at Casa del Infinito in Cádiz, a construction which, like a dock, stretches out towards the Atlantic Ocean, opening up towards boundless horizons and were the solutions offered by the brand come together with the settings to emphasise that sense of continuity that is the very essence of the project: an infinite surface in front of the infinite sea.

For this project, the architect chose