Classical Contemporary Style House

The project and its overall co-ordination were carried out with the utmost care by the dnassociati team, who took care of all the details, striving for beauty, functionality and quality.
We started by identifying the most practical solutions in line with the needs expressed by the client, infusing everything with careful attention to the aesthetic result and the execution of the details.

There was plenty of room for sophisticated materials and more neutral colours that formed the foundation for the eclectic textural accents. The colour palette also reflects a refined and organisational selection with the purpose of linking spaces together. Classical decorative ornaments, contemporary signs, wooden details, and custom-made furniture coexist with iconic and representative elements of Italian design.

Nine flush-fitting sliding and swing doors from the Scrigno Essential line were chosen for this project, complete with the relevant accessories. A customised finish was chosen, created by craftsmen who matched the doors to the matte lacquered walls.

Also contributing to the project’s uniqueness is the spectacular panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples, which has been skilfully framed by holes that emphasise its scenic effect by focusing on the points of interest. Attention to both natural and artificial lighting contributes to creating a refined atmosphere, simultaneously solemn yet enveloping and comfortable.

The meeting of two interior design philosophies, the classical decorative and the contemporary, define the timeless identity of the dnassociati studio’s design and execution.

For this project, the architect chose