Scrigno Essential inspires a recent project by Quartospazio studio

Giving new life to a room, transmitting a sensation of freshness and modernity: Scrigno’s Essential line proved to be the ideal choice for Quartospazio Rovereto - the creative and architecture studio specialised in architectural design, contract management and design in general – thanks to its light weight, afforded by its clean, clear styling, perfectly matched to settings characterised by the alternation of flat and curved surfaces. The neutral colour of the solutions chosen for the apartment give it an almost ethereal look, free of any unnecessary structures, in which the predominant white creates a perfect synergy between a sculptural aesthetic and very contemporary interior design.

“The contract consisted in refurbishing a two-family apartment in the centre of Nogaredo, a few kilometres from Rovereto. The home, which is 162 sq.m. in size, was completely re-organised to enhance the functionality of the interiors, with a large day area leading into a comfortably sized night time area. The cellars, on the ground floor, were also refurbished to make space for a large, elegant living room. The two levels are connected by a custom staircase made in box section steel tubes with glass walls. The various interiors are matched by flush-fitting swing and sliding doors from Scrigno's Essential range, which blend perfectly and almost disappear into the walls thanks to their white finish. The rooms are decorated with stone detailing, like the door surrounds, and with a heated floor in Valpolicella marble. The combination of these heavier and more traditional materials with lightweight plasterboard and glass structures in a modern style implements the design concept of creating a final effect which makes an undeniably strong, even surprising statement.

“All our architectural contracts are guided by a desire to create comfortable, exclusive interiors, characterised by innovation and strong design choices. In this case, Scrigno's Essential line was used to reconcile a minimalist style with evocative material detailing, in the service of a high-tech architectural solution sensitive to the requisites of quality and well-being” says Architect Giovanni Toldo, from the Quartospazio Rovereto studio, and continues: “Scrigno stands for excellence and quality - as we have seen in a number of projects we've worked on in the past. The versatility of the Essential product line, with its minimal and yet original styling, enabled us to reinterpret the interior in a dynamic way for an overall unique effect.”

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