Feeling at home at the dentist's surgery

Archipiù chooses Scrigno Essential

To feel at home: that's the concept of the design developed by architects Romina Succi and Nicola Colucci from studio Archipiù, which employs an emotional approach to transform a dentist's surgery in Ospedaletto, in the province of Rimini, into a welcoming, familiar space. The two designers, in developing their interior design concept, created a moodboard composed of colours, materials and objects selected to impart a feeling of warmth in striking contrast with the usual "cold" mood of medical centres, and transmit harmony and tranquillity to the patient. The brown walls, the furnishings and lighting are complemented by Scrigno's Essential line which, in contrast with the warm tones of the interiors, leverages its white lacquered finish to make a strong design statement.

The design makes the most of the available space by distributing the interiors to create a sense of greater openness: Archipiù has used partition walls in a smoked elm finish for the surgery, using their sinuous curved forms and lack of sharp corners to accompany the occupants from one area to the next. Scrigno Essential Filomuro blends in perfectly with the walls, thanks to its door-wall effect, which does away with doorposts and edging trims to create an overall structural harmony. The entrances to the surgeries use transparent full height doors to allow the light to pass through, thus creating a feeling of energy and positivity.

The collaboration between Scrigno and Archipiù is well-established, as confirmed by their win at the Scrigno&Me competition, sponsored by the company to award original architectural designs in which quality and style are the principal elements - as they are in the philosophy of Scrigno itself.

For this project, the architect chose