In the ancient countryside of the Agro Romano, today overrun by a flourishing urban development, from the vestiges of an ancient ice factory rises the duplex built by Nicola Auciello inside a new building, ideally aimed at a young and dynamic audience , their future wide open before them. The design idea, developed around the insertion of a continuous equipped septum in raw iron and wood and with a strongly textured presence, develops in a dance of spaces articulated on the modulus of the angle, intended as the starting and finishing element of linear but dynamic forms. The eye focuses on the beauty of the Scrigno solutions, which are part of the poetic-emotional concept, developed specifically to elicit sensations far from superfluous virtuosity and unnecessary redundancies.

In addition to being appreciated for their striking simplicity and functionality, the Scrigno Essential doors, were selected because of their quality and their inherent minimalist versatility, which makes them add a touch of class, the impeccable finish of an architecture that is also expressed thanks to the silent elegance of its components. The Essential Sliding glass solution stands out with its impalpable presence, perfectly embodying the conceptual aspect of the apartment and enhancing it, including the game of contrast between volumes and materials. Glass is ironically opposed to iron, raw and hard, and to wood, noble and pliable, confirming the uniqueness and irrepeatability of every single detail. Customised in size, the solution stands out for its elegant bespoke simplicity. In addition, Essential Sliding, in the white wood version, fits in perfectly along the length of the wall, becoming an almost imperceptible presence thanks to its concealed insertion and perfectly able to satisfy an impeccably thought-out design focusing entirely on the dynamic contrast of smooth and sharp surfaces. The sliding door becomes an integral part of the architecture, bringing out the refined nuances of the design solutions.

Nicola Auciello of na3-Studio di Architettura comments as follows: "The reputation of Scrigno solutions is evident and does not need to be highlighted, considering the superior product quality, which is recognised at all levels of the sector. My choice was motivated by modernity and qualitative merits and the versatility of the solutions available, which can be used within the project and even become one with it, making the spaces fluid and seamless, unbound by pre-built or outdated models, which accompany the existence of contemporary mankind."

Francesco Bigoni, Marketing Director of Scrigno Holding S.p.A. states: "The popularity of Scrigno solutions and their inclusion in a project characterised not only by its high styling value but also by the desire to rouse emotions through architecture demonstrates, once again, their eclecticism. By becoming part of a conceptual vision, they prove to be able to overcome simple structural needs and to represent the spirit of living through their dynamic lightness."

Essential solutions by Scrigno become distinguishing features of the design by na3-studio di architettura, for their minimal style and characteristic versatility. A harmonious interpretation of space, created around the antithesis between the strength of metal and the pliability of the surroundings, thanks to the neutral hues of white and the transparency of glass, which allow the shapes of the project to be fully appreciated.

For this project, the architect chose