STILNOVO “Wellness Mind Design Hair"

STILNOVO “Wellness Mind Design Hair” & the outdoor Cool Flowers Lounge
... savouring the “SLOWNESS of the MOMENT”

A story that begins in Cossano Belbo “Urban Village”, which started with an idea and a project..., one that evolved... one that was plied... and which took shape... was formed, like a chimera which becomes a reality.
Yet the “moment...” does not stop at the world of hair, but rather expands, joins, materialises, merges with the well-being of both mind and body; the SPA:
“A dream ... The Essence”

The idea
Let yourself be guided into the world of Marina Selvini hair stylist “evangelist” and the world of STILNOVO wellness mind design hair ... close your eyes ...savour every instant amid lights, colours, scents and essences ...
A dreamlike vision, a compendium of materials in the silence of absolute white, marked by a deafening vibration of suggestive images, utopias, synthesis, logic, and lifeblood.
A unique and ever-different spectacle like the Northern Lights that star lights dancing in the sky, melting into it, in the form of light veils carried by the breath of those who perceive it in a tangle of blue, orange, purple, green and red vapours.

light that thrills, light that creates, light that “loves”
...the Northern Lights are always different yet evanescent,
the world of STILNOVO is always different, yet intense and sensory
“A “New Concept” (inaugurated on 14/11/2010), designed by Alessandro Marchelli, inspired by all those individuals who want to be carried into a “futuristic dimension” of beauty, emotions, and sensations.
A blend of creativity, sweetness, elegance, innovative materials, luxury, which act as the backdrop to skilled hands, words, cuts, colours, hairstyles, pampering, steam rooms, spa treatments, relaxation, music, perfumes, essences and fragrances.
A space spanning approximately 75 square metres where the synthesis of design skills has been highlighted, developing as in a game of Tetris, various situations, to accommodate the customer’s requests completely.
An “Ariadne’s thread”, light, - Alessandro Marchelli goes on to explain -, leads you to move through this maze of spaces, finding a new emotion with each step, a different place that is concurrently unique and harmoniously incorporated into its surroundings.”

The work
The entrance “lobby” “...savouring the Slowness of the Moment”, forms a scenic backdrop, with waves and counter-waves, which use “Digital Mosaics” to depict dawn as if to draw the customer and “protect them” once they are through the full-height plate sliding glass door.

A luminous wardrobe provides the backdrop to the entrance to the STILNOVO Design Hair salon
The white walls are interrupted by RGB LEDs, all controlled using a home automation system; a waiting room is modelled, is plied by combining completely different materials, including Corian, steel, resin, led, high-voltage neons, yet assembled in such a way as to create vaporous and evanescent visual effects, seats that begin like hills, capturing the outdoor natural picture that frames this “Urban Village” of around 1000 inhabitants.

The Design Hair area, an open-plan salon caressed by light, white, contoured veils that dissipate the RGB light throughout the space, interspersed only with spot beams of white light on the workstations, turned on using a home automation control when needed, to achieve the best possible light during the work of the hair stylist “evangelist”, having at her disposal and at that of her hair stylist “followers” five hair cutting, styling and SPA chairs, a washing and scalp massage area.

The Wellness Mind area stands out for its concentric wall games, hidden alcoves, cuts of light, against wave-like walls to give motion and provide an even stronger “sign” for customers who decide to rely on the expert hands of the facilities’ “body therapists”.
A gleaming “deafening” white softened by blue and amber LED lights.
“A dream ... the Essence” welcomes customers in a round reception, a “MAG40” LED ceiling lamp designed by Luigi Caro hangs from the ceiling, a polished steel counter rises from the floor with its unconventional curves, creating a three-dimensional feel of the spaces. The “Alcantara” drape acts as a theatre curtain; once pulled back you enter the “Eden” of well-being, with steam rooms, a massage room lit by “AIRBLOW” designed by Alessandro Marchelli, emotional treatments, and even the new frontier of spray tanning with the cabin clad in “RustOn”.

The relaxation area, in other words, to rest both mind and body, is a “sensory trail” amid mixed resins, and processed on site, purple and gold on the floor and sentences written on the walls so that the mind, thoughts, muscles can relax, generating positive sensations, as you lay back on the “KYRIOS NUS” chaises longues designed by Alessandro Marchelli in resin and coated in gold leaf and on the large “MAGNUS A” couch designed by Alessandro Marchelli in glossy white leather to complete this “focus space” amid calm, peace and quiet and a re-energising vibe.
Well-being and complicity are transformed into a single essence, the same energy which is absolutely indivisible, “the essence of life”.

All interior design items and ornaments in this work are designed by Alessandro Marchelli and will be mass produced by several design companies throughout the current year.
Marina Selvini – evangelist stylist of STILNOVO “wellness mind design hair” will be attending the “Cool Flowers Lounge” on Saturday 16th July 2011, outdoors designed by Alessandro Marchelli.

The Cool Flowers Lounge will give you a chance to rest, relax and enjoy mixing while sipping some excellent Piedmont wine, cocktails and refreshing herbal teas, after laying back in the spa and enjoying a steam room, massage, facial, hair and body treatments.

By featuring high design elements, ultra high-tech products with a superior styling impact, the "Cool Flowers Lounge” is in a position to accommodate the needs of the most demanding audience.

Among the design objects - coined by designer Alessandro Marchelli - worthy of mention are: - the giant “Dominus” candelabra, a “sign”, an object, a material whose curves afford a sense of “strength and grandeur” but at the same time soften by generating feelings of satisfaction and well-being provided by the heat of the fire and a mixture that can be interpreted according to the states of mind that each and every one of “us” perceives; the Kyrios Nus indoor and outdoor chaises longues designed by Alessandro Marchelli for Artesuperfici made of resin and finished in gold leaf; the “slowness of the moment ...” texture, designed by Alessandro Marchelli and made by Mosaico Dgitale della Pepe & Con which frames the Lounge and creates the entrance to the premises.

The lighting version “Tulip” parasols by the German company MDT-tex, the Mum bag chairs, the seating, the champagne holders, the luminous furniture by Slide, the soft music in Dolby Surround make relaxation even more sensory for customers after they have enjoyed a hair style or spa treatment

The LED light - C.F.O. Lighting -, an important dominant in the works by AMD studio, and hidden in the floor with powerful blue spotlights softened by the insertion of amber light to make the night view of the “Lounge” even more scenic, surrounded by flowers and plants arranged in massive low pots to make the outdoor relaxation area of this sophisticated hair styling centre and spa even more unique and exclusive.

The Cool Flowers Lounge, a place to chill out and relax outdoors amid flowers
STILNOVO “wellness mind design hair”

For this project, the architect chose