... overwhelming movement.
The erudite work of the flows that amalgamate in a swirling sense of perceptions of volumes, combined with a clean knowledge of the light that hides and appears in its majestic intensity, are the focal points of the design of this apartment located in a 1980s building, where the pencil line is expressed on the “canvas of the existing fabric”, redesigning the new architectural look.

A work generated as a freehand project by abandoning the senses, letting itself be lulled in a dream of shapes and atmospheres; liberating the mind and spreading the perception of volumes, colours and emotions.

The living room becomes the life nest, generating warm shapes like an embrace, enhancing freedom of expression.

The soft curves that wrap around the room are synonymous with the background, identical to the movement of white silk that caresses an elegant woman’s body, skimmed by a gentle breeze, bringing with it the feeling of the purity of traits.

The resin flooring is a pool of water that welcomes and reflects the essence of life, arousing the senses like the calm sea at the colour of dawn in a caress of suggestions that propagate through space like vibrations of a luminous echo that ignites the love of life, flame of well-being and relaxation.

The vibrating waves of the passage between the living space and the slumber quarters are broken down, softly dematerialising on the horizon, pointing light beams in a gentle passageway for two, imagining the force of gravity created by light to obtain boldly lightweight surfaces.

The walls, along their length, naturally change, merging with the warm tones of the Corten steel, heating the atmosphere in a vortex of ancient modernity.

“The Cove” designed by Alessandro Marchelli, is a homage to lightness, the absolute protagonist of rest, suspended in the “nirvana” and enveloped in cantilever studded leather.

In a deafening noise of silence, the almost-cocooned room is immersed in shades of white, from glossy to matt coated, framing a totally relaxing blue accent between mirrors, curtains and lights, in the background, the wall that resembles rippling waves of water, generating a unique emotion of love.

For this project, the architect chose