Sliding door

Choosing a Scrigno counter frame for a sliding door means fully experiencing the space of any room, enjoying its fullest functionality, design and technology every day. Through effective pocket sliding mechanisms and various counter frame designs, the sliding doors are the ideal solution for enjoying rooms one hundred percent, promoting a natural mutuality between neighbouring rooms, keeping every opening and passage open and bright. Thanks to Scrigno systems, the functionality of counter frames and frames for sliding doors is combined with the aesthetics of a differentiated, hand-crafted product that can meet the taste and needs of every customer. Designer Tim Carter called the "pocket door," or more simply "sliding door," one of the ten most requested elements for an architect when designing a home, instead of the classic swing doors. By combining quality Scrigno counter frames with one of the most successful furniture solutions, sliding doors become a winning choice for all those who are not content to enjoy their homes half-way.

Swing door
  • Swing door with doorposts
  • Swing fire door
  • Swing glass door
  • Flush-fitting swing door
Doors for small spaces
  • Doors for small spaces
Door type
  • Sliding door
  • Swing door
Flush-fitting door
Door with doorposts
Fire door
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Acoustic door
  • Acoustic door