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A sliding door for total living in your space: Scrigno counter frames

Choosing a Scrigno counter frame for a sliding door means fully experiencing the space of any room, enjoying its fullest functionality, design and technology every day.

Through effective pocket sliding mechanisms and various counter frame designs, the sliding doors are the ideal solution for enjoying rooms one hundred percent, promoting a natural mutuality between neighbouring rooms, keeping every opening and passage open and bright.

Thanks to Scrigno systems, the functionality of counter frames and frames for sliding doors is combined with the aesthetics of a differentiated, hand-crafted product that can meet the taste and needs of every customer.

Simple to handle, easy to manage

Designer Tim Carter called the "pocket door," or more simply "sliding door," one of the ten most requested elements for an architect when designing a home, instead of the classic swing doors.

By combining quality Scrigno counter frames with one of the most successful furniture solutions, sliding doors become a winning choice for all those who are not content to enjoy their homes half-way.

Want to find out how we can enhance your environment? Do you want a system that safely allows you to increase the size of your rooms while eliminating the problem of traditional wooden swing doors?

Contact us now to examine your needs, no strings attached.

The Scrigno trademark distinguishes the original counter frame for sliding doors and windows.

Scrigno stands for quality and guarantee, a guaranteed quality made to last and always recognisable even when the counter frame is mounted: the original mark is always imprinted on the counter frame and on the sliding track. Extra protection for Scrigno consumers.

The technical characteristics of Scrigno counter frames differentiate them from other products found on the market and make Scrigno the leading company, a benchmark in its product category.

  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the interior case components made in Aluzinc sheet metal. Scrigno guarantees that the sheet metal of indoor counter frames is not subject to "penetrating corrosion" throughout the life of the product;
  • 20-YEAR GUARANTEE against hanger kit breakages;
  • 20-YEAR GUARANTEE against failure of the anodised aluminium track cross member.

Modular sides

The sides of the case are made up of modules enabling them to absorb the expansion resulting from the joining of different materials, such as concrete and steel.

Sliding system

Formed by an anodised aluminium track and a pair of hangers with a capacity of 120 kg per door, the rail is reliable and safe. In addition, you can customise the handles to suit your taste or need.

Scrigno operates through the Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards for the "Design and manufacture of counter frames for pocket sliding doors and windows concealed in the wall. Marketing of doors, doorposts and accessories".