Environmental policy

The Quality Policy, together with the Environmental Policy, are Scrigno’s reference tool for guiding the Company along its path of continuous innovation and in achieving increasingly ambitious goals. Sustainability therefore becomes one of the main levers for development, also in terms of environmental and energy performance of the production sites.
To this effect, Scrigno has established an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001:2015 certification - achieved in 2021- and has adopted a risk-based thinking system.

As confirmation of the Company's sensitivity to principles of Circular Economy, processes have been reorganised to monitor and reduce primary material and packaging consumption, waste and increase energy efficiency.Finally, operative procedures have been introduced to guarantee greater safety for people, in compliance with the new ISO 45001 standard, with certification under way.

A door on a better world

SCRIGNO is a company that produces, so we are aware that our economic activities have repercussions on the environment, but we are also a responsible company, with our eyes set on the future. This is why we have also chosen to commit to ensuring the long-term development of our company respects nature and the well-being of people.
In line with this commitment, at the start of the year we appointed an Environmental Manager, tasked with working with management to implement the SCRIGNO Sustainability Plan.

This orientation is palpable in all areas of company life, resulting in numerous projects. Innovation, a reduction in environmental impact, safeguarding of resources and initiatives in favour of the community and inclusion are the key elements on the journey to integrate ESG criteria into our organisation.
Our management style has rewarded us even in an unusual year like 2020, during which we chose to implement a growth plan for internal lines, with substantial investments in innovation.

This awareness has given rise to numerous initiatives promoted by Scrigno, in which the commitment and talent of people is enhanced with purposes of an ethical nature.
“A door on a better world” is particularly worthy of mention in this context, pursued in partnership with YACademy, Academy of international architecture and Mario Cucinella, one of the most important contemporary proponents of ecosustainable architecture...