Aragona security door

Timeless elegance. Impenetrable personality. Modern appeal. Technology in a security door. The name: Aragona.

Minimal in its details. Robust in its substance. Harmonious in its composition.

Plenty of colours are brought into play, to find the right balance with its surrounding environment. And its versatility enhances the value and appeal of the room it is fitted in.

Technically sophisticated. It is embellished with prized accessories for improved security. Fixed deadbolts, cylindrical bolts in the lock. Striker plates: two on the sides and one at the top. Inaccessible, the hinges disappear from view.

Equipped with two aperture limit stops, Aragona withstands attempted break-ins, the weather, noise, time and fashions. It soundproofs as it separates you from noise.

Its shapes are smooth: the panels fit perfectly flush with the frame.

It can comprise two doors, for large and charming entrance halls. Aragona adapts to your space requirements.

Aragona is Gold: the line designed to accommodate, to respond to the style of its surroundings. To their personality. Whether viewed from the inside or from the outside, it is always elegant and never trivial.

Aragona has no limits: it is a security door that can be tailor-made.

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