Bar with wall attachment

Striking, functional and smart. For the installation of a sliding door without invasive masonry work

Sliding doors are the ideal solution for saving on the space of the hinged door panel to obtain an additional “furnishable” wall as well as enhanced living space. External wall sliding doors, with their bar and wall attachment, accommodate both these requirements, with panels in various materials that not only conveniently separate rooms but also contribute to furnishing them in the process.

In modern furnishing solutions, doors play not just a functional, but also an aesthetic role. They contribute to the organic nature of the setting and are conceived to create visual continuity between the rooms. Sliding doors are thus a perfect solution for small spaces - but their application goes far beyond this consideration. Modern materials like glass and steel are especially useful when transparency and style continuity between rooms are required. Glass, in particular, filters out odours and noises, allowing light to flow through, thus creating airy, bright, yet quiet, intimate environments.

A sliding door does away with the need to provide space for the door to swing open, and also creates a spacier, more inviting setting, in all rooms, from the living room to the bathroom. The bar with wall attachment also enables a sliding door to be installed without any intrusive intervention in the masonry, quickly and at a low cost.

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