Bard security door

Introducing Bard: an impenetrable security door with an extraordinarily robust shape and sophisticated style.

A powerful double sheet structure. Concealed hinges. Bard is synonymous with energy.

In burglar-resistance class 4, it is ideal when the risk is higher, such as in detached houses, villas, semi-detached and terraced housing, as well as apartments and offices in high-risk areas.

Strong and safe. It leaves no room for superfluous elements: it is clean-cut and understated. It has no sharp edges. It achieves the perfectly flush fit between the door and the wall, allowing the texture to continue seamlessly.

Bard is a complex and cohesive whole, a precision mechanical tool. Effective and functional. Capable of isolating, insulating, fostering and protecting comfort of life indoors.

Beauty and reliability come together and are intertwined, giving rise to a timeless model. Customisable in shape and colour. Accessorisable with mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical locks.

With a single door or a double door, Bard secures and protects.

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