Base Doppio Counter frame

The perfect blend of charm and hospitality. Base Doppio is Scrigno’s counter frame designed to allow two sliding doors to disappear from view, succeeding in achieving a harmonious union starting from contrasting doors.

The counter frame lends its surroundings renewed value, practically managing to merge two adjacent rooms into a single setting. The atmosphere created is thus comfortable and enveloping, typical of a protected setting that makes you feel at home. Functionality and simplicity - yet triviality never - make it possible to optimise the experience of Base Doppio with a variety of features, including the “Simultaneous Opening Kit” devised to open both doors simultaneously with a single touch.

A source of brightness and elegance, the Acqua variant embellishes the walls it is fitted on. Comprising sliding glass doors, it injects a new breath of life and versatility into space. The various degrees of opacity of the glass available (transparent, frosted or satin) mean you can choose the level of privacy to reserve for both communicating rooms, while also creating games of light between the spaces. Acqua, in its variants, ensures this merger of settings is even more complete, creating the illusion of being in a glass orb that protects you from the outside. The solid delicacy of the glass doors creates an oxymoron composition, capable of embroidering the walls without having to waive the stability and security of a counter frame.

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