Base single counter frame

Base as a point of departure and return, as a backdrop for every future scenario, a milestone and absolute certainty.
Gold like the most precious metal, value par excellence, the essence that remains or evolves.
Gold is the Base for a Gold Base.

A milestone for Scrigno, Gold Base is the first counter frame made and, at the same time, the most restyled. Just as it was then, never more than now.

Base, like a platform. Solid, standard: this counter frame can accommodate the largest number of accessories and it can be customised to the nearest centimetre. Wood: lacquered, laminate or veneered; glass: polished flush edges or glass-aluminium, in various finishes. It adapts to any surface, to any setting. To any shape and size. To any wall: in masonry or plasterboard.

Base, like a point of departure. Depository of all future certainty, this is where Scrigno’s every excellence has stemmed from: beginning with the structure in hard-wearing and stainless Aluzinc, through to the modular side member. The upright in pliable wood makes it easier to grip the doorpost. The door slides freely yet stably: the sliding system consists of two hangers with a steel body, with four ball bearings each. A track, in anodised aluminium, accompanies it along its full travel.

Base, essential. Convenient and straight-forward. Also ideal for hotels, restaurants and any non-domestic facility. Comfortable, linear. Practical and bold. A sure bet, never wrong and never trivial.

Gold is like raw gold. The value of excellence, in its purest form. It is the utmost quality, which for Scrigno is the Base. It is the essence: which remains, evolves, is transformed, is embellished. Yet it stays. For a product that is always Gold.

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