Solidity and safety, clean-cut and understated silhouettes, versatility are its distinguishing features

Designed for use in construction sites, the Battente50 solution is available in the standard size, as well as non standard, with dimensions capable of meeting any structural requirements: customisable to the nearest centimetre in width and to the nearest millimetre in height. Made of bare extruded aluminium, it can easily be anchored to all types of wall, whether in plaster or plasterboard. Battente50 also stands out for the absence of any edging trims.

The Battente50 door is fitted with a 50 millimetre hollow-core panel, concealed hinges adjustable along three axes and a magnetic lock.

Like all the other products in the Scrigno TECH line, Battente50 is equally quick and straight-forward to install.

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Controtelai – Battente 50