Calascio security door

The perfectly flush fit between the door and the edging trims contributes to creating a simple yet sophisticated visual identity, with which Calascio shows off
in all its styling pureness

In order to safeguard thermal comfort and energy savings, Calascio is designed not to disperse heat during the colder months and to keep you cool in the summer. It is an efficient screen against noise while ensuring privacy.

The class three security ranking is boosted by the cylindrical side bolts and the withdrawal-resistant system.

A passive defence element, Calascio merges in the perfectly flush fitting of the door and edging trims. Striking the perfect balance with the surrounding spaces, always.

Impeccable in every detail and superbly accessorised. The variety of its finishes means it can always be tailored to the tastes and needs of those who choose it.

In the version with glass, this is a security door that is flooded by light and leads it into your interiors: Calascio changes the perception of indoor and outdoor settings, bringing with it brightness and colours, adding charm and harmony to its surroundings, where it becomes the star feature.

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