Chinon security door

When the available space in your entrance hall is limited, here’s the perfect solution: Chinon. Functional. Rational. Pleasing on the eye. It is a “pull” open security door. Meaning it opens outwards. Its range of motion therefore does not affect the indoor space into which it leads. Leaving it free and airy.

The security door opens outwards, without compromise. Its degree of security remains unchanged. It is classed level three in terms of burglar resistance. Its ability to insulate against external weather also remains unchanged, as does its wind resistance, water tightness and its air permeability. Chinon effectively protects against break-ins, while leaving out all the noise. It preserves your privacy.

Chinon is attractive, versatile and silent. It offers a variety of panels to configure the most appropriate solution for its surroundings. There is also plenty of choice when it comes to the security locks used to complete it and enhance its solidity.

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