Contatto counter frame

The need to make two adjoining rooms that are not connected by a traditional door communicate has led to the launch of Contatto, the miniature counter frame which can be adapted to the most diverse requirements

Owing to its compact size, it can act as a window or an intermediate aperture between two rooms, such as a food hatch. Ideal for connecting rooms such as the kitchen and dining room, Contatto is designed for a sliding door to disappear within it, albeit in a reduced manner. It maintains a classic structure, but re-adapts it to the circumstances to make it highly innovative and truly one of a kind. Minimum dimensions, maximum efficiency. Scrigno’s counter frame succeeds in bringing together settings which would otherwise have no way of communicating, creating inter-dependence and a complementary look for both. Highly customisable according to the specific height of the room and according to its intended use, it is available in both the single door and the double door version.

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