Cover Alta

Ruling the heights, simply. Cover Alta is an impressive full-height sliding system that remains in sight as it opens.

The feeling of an open setting, without boundaries, spreads throughout the room; the minimalist design of the glass fades the intensity of the observer’s gaze and accompanies it to the next room.

Imagination and revelation, courage and discretion. Glass that conceals and reveals, glass that does not hide. Designed to maximise the styling appeal of vitreous material, the door gains vertical space from the ceiling to the floor. Open and shut: the door remains in view and becomes an object of design, an item of furniture that disseminates comfort in the room without being imposing. The space remains uncluttered and free. A few visible elements for high strength.

Whether single or double, Cover Alta can support a cushioned glass door up to a maximum of 100 kg, without the need for any perforations. The starkness of the square shape, the sensitive soul of glass: elegance and creativity, from top to bottom.

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