Essential Dual counter frame

With a dual soul, meaning it can manage two pocket sliding glass doors

Essential Dual has a dual soul, meaning it can manage two pocket sliding glass doors. The latter, designed according to a logic of styling simplicity, are connected together by a sliding system and are housed in a single case.

What is the benefit? The possibility of installing it in a normal wall measuring 10.5 centimetres in thickness.

Versatile. It adapts to any dimensional requirements, with customisable measurements and heights.

Eclectic. It is suitable for any setting, completed by glass doors in a variety of finishes.

It allows the sliding walls to remain free on the outside, available for wardrobes, bookcases or other furniture.

The Essential Dual counter frame has a dual soul but a single personality: it focuses on creativity and innovation to make the most of the wall elegantly, inside and out.

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