Essential Little

Silent, cautions and discreet guardians.
A space that appears and disappears in the blink of an eye.

Invisible to the eye, Essential Little is a system of doors that sink into the wall, emerging only when necessary, returning what they had secretly guarded. Supported by concealed hinges, they fit perfectly into the wall, for a minimal visual impact.

Wardrobes, storage compartments, box rooms and wiring cabinets: endless possibilities of use for a simple and minimal, practical and multiform system. Barely noticeable contours and silhouettes, design the surface, liaising with the geometric shapes. When open, the door is fixed and hard-wearing, up to 90 degrees wide; when shut, it vanishes without a trace.

Vertical, horizontal, rectangular: multiple shapes and various dimensions accommodate every possible combination. For a camouflage effect, the panel can be painted, lacquered or wallpapered, replicating the accommodating finishes in a painstaking way. The three openings available - side, top-hinged and bottom-hinged - mean Essential Little can be installed in any setting, with all personal needs in mind.

Present, absent, always available: a space within reach of your desires.

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