Essential Pro counter frame

Comfort. Energy savings. Safety. These words describe Essential Pro, the counter frame with that little bit extra, which allows the door to become robotic

Essential Pro in fact enables the installation of the Scrigno Open 2.0 kit, devised to automate the sliding door, for residential use and non. Its footprint is minimal and gives rise to a mesmerising result: an automatic opening and shutting mechanism, where the motorisation remains invisible, completely inserted in the counter frame.

In other words, the counter frame and kit come together in an integrated system of technical skills, which can also be used via a home automation system, and give rise to openings that only open when necessary, preventing the generation of wasted energy.

The transition from one room to the next is seamless and smooth, in perfect sync with the architectural context.

The Essential Pro counter frame is the ideal structure for automatic doors that won’t compromise on an elegant and sophisticated look.

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