Essential Sliding EI 30

Fire is no longer a threat to fear. Introducing the Essential flush-fitting Sliding door in an extraordinary fire door version.

Without doorposts or edging trims, the wall remains completely free from any finishes. The Essential flush-fitting Sliding counter frame, patented by Scrigno, which allows the sliding door to disappear completely, has now been supplemented, boosted and transformed into a fire-resistant door.

The styling and functional aspects remain unchanged and available irrespectively for both plaster and masonry walls. To open a passageway, the fire door glides away elegantly and silently, disappearing from view. When shut, it blends in seamlessly with its accommodating wall, in perfect sync.

The technical change, the growth in its ability to separate rooms and defend them from the possible attack of fire remains imperceptible to the eye. And yet the transformation is total.

Essential Sliding EI 30 is the perfect synthesis, enveloping and incorporating the timeless simplicity and sophistication of a sliding door, combined with the technology and security of a fire door.

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