Essential Swing

Designed to lend continuity to settings, it settles in the wall and completes it, to accompany entry into the next room


Constantly tipping between an opening and a boundary, Essential Swing is both wide and linear. An extension of space with a large radius, a subtle boundary that continues the wall: open, and shut. The door gets mistaken with the perimeter of the room, an imperceptible conjunction of a space which, where necessary, is broken.

Indoors, in the door. Always appropriate and never inappropriate. Every setting, every atmosphere is the right one. There is no front nor is there a back: each side of Essential Swing is independent and can be finished independently to blend in better with the room. Versatile and with infinite possibilities, the door panels can be painted or covered with wallpaper, circumscribing the area of the room where they are housed without interruption.

The echo of an emotion that has no borders, an introspective dialogue.

Essential Swing: abstract takes on a concrete form, to design the infinite.

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