Essential Swing EI 30/60

Fire is no longer a threat to fear. Introducing the Essential flush-fitting swing door in an extraordinary fire door version.

Simple, stylish. Safe.

In line with the wall, it completes it while defining it. It protects it: Essential Swing EI defies flames and wins, irremovable. The flame retardant version of Essential Swing, Essential Swing EI is the fire door version that retains all its characteristics, with one added extra.

Solid, mesmerising. Powerful above suspicion: high performance but discreet in its presence, which does not need to be ostentatious.

A wall that envelops you, a wall that embraces you. A wall that gently accompanies you. Perfectly flush-fitting with the wall, Essential Swing EI accommodates the panoramic view of the perimeter of the room, concealing any interruptions.

Welcoming, comfortable. Seamless: it keeps the temperature constant, guaranteeing indoor well-being. With highly insulating material inside it, the perimeter oak frame guarantees thermal insulation and superior fire resistance; the deadbolts guarantee stability.

Inaccessible to flames, impervious to the insistence of smoke. Hermetically sealed thanks to the PVC sealing strips and the heat-expanding sealing strips, Essential Swing REI brings together charm and safety in a single access.

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