Essential swing trapezoidal

The ideal solution for attics, lofts, penthouses and all types of rooms with sloping ceilings

Bright and complementary colours, for instance, are ideal in smaller bedrooms, or in rooms such as studies and guest rooms, where the door itself becomes part of the furniture and of the wall décor. Even in more peculiar settings, Essential swing trapezoidal is a versatile and camouflage solution providing endless installation possibilities. The door can be finished in the same colour and tactile sensation as its accommodating wall, thanks to the possibility of finishing both panels with a choice of materials, allowing them to blend in on both sides with the various surroundings it embraces. The panels can painted, lacquered or papered with the same wallpaper as the room's existing finishes. This way, the door itself becomes invisible: there is no edging trim, and the panel is finished so that the wall and door become a single stylistic whole, conferring continuity on the room and making it even more welcoming and visibly larger. Only the handle reveals its presence.

This way, the walls are not broken by doors and the scenic impact of the decorations is continuous. This feature is especially useful in rooms with a limited height, such as attics and loft conversions, where the linearity of the tiling creates a feeling of spaciousness and airiness.

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Scrigno Porte filomuro Essential battente trapezoidale Scrigno Porte filomuro Essential battente trapezoidale Scrigno Porte filomuro Essential battente trapezoidale