Estense security door

Double sheet metal core. Elegant look. Linear and contemporary shapes, which draw attention. Estense is the security door equipped with a rapid attachment system for internal panel and edging trims.

The impressive structure combined with the stark appearance is expressed through the perfect flush fitting of the door and edging trims. Insulating. It screens and protects against atmospheric agents.

It is ranked burglar resistance class four, which is the top of the range for homes and offices. It is enhanced by three concealed hinges and the continuous bolt.

The complex combination of materials and technologies used to make it render it especially strong and sturdy, while respecting its pure shape. With a single door or a double door, its outline remains understated and versatile, perfectly in keeping with the surrounding space .

The perfect combination of quality and design, Estense is a sophisticated product: beautiful on the outside and extremely strong on the inside.

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