Fenis security door

Distinguishing features? Powerful yet minimal. Fenis is the security door that blends in with the space it occupies and interprets it. It comes in the same colour as the wall, to achieve absolute symbiosis, disappearing entirely. Or it comes up to the surface, emerging from it and asserting itself through clever contrasts: effects that are created by playing with its finishes.

Its perfectly flush fit with the wall makes it ideal to give rise to a harmonious look. that appeals to the eye and satisfies the touch.

Its hinges disappear and make it permanently impenetrable. While the frame disappears into the wall, with beneficial styling and thermal effects.

The complex combination of materials and technologies used to make it gives rise to linear and versatile shapes. With personality and dynamism.

It protects thermal comfort: it does not disperse heat in the colder months and keeps you cool in the summer. It is water-resistant. It rejects noise, traps sounds, ensuring noise abatement.

It defends your property and your well-being.

Fenis leaves no room for superfluous elements: it is clean-cut and understated.

It is a complex whole, a precision mechanical instrument, effective and functional. And it is more than that. It is a substantial ingredient of the style that distinguishes its surroundings. It is an item of interior décor and as such fits in with the space accommodating it. It is an expression of personality, strong and confident.

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