Stability and styling come together in the Filo44 flush-fitting system, completely reversible on four sides

Devised specifically for construction sites. Its fixing is robust. Its performance long-lasting.

Its anchoring is functional for all types of wall, whether in masonry or plasterboard.

Stylish and simple, the frame does not require any edging trims: produced in extruded aluminium, Tech Filo44 is devoid of finishings in the wall thickness.

Its agile structure allows it to accommodate effectively the lock striker plate and the concealed hinges, which are adjustable along three axes. The frame was designed to be combined with the Filo44 swing door model, a reversible solution on four sides, with a strong styling impact and extensive customisation flexibility .

Like all the products in the Scrigno TECH line, assembly of the frame is extremely quick and straight-forward.

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Controtelai Tech Filo 44 Controtelai Tech Filo 44