Gradara security door

Double door. For a spacious, impressive entrance hall. Gradara is the ideal security door to protect large size entrances. One door is swing. The other is semi-fixed.

Its expressive abilities are embellished by a windowed version. Its solidity thus dons a growing delicacy, for a light visual effect, which allows the light through to enhance the amount of light in the indoor settings. Its strong and bold style finely enhances the value of its surroundings.

Customisable with a wide choice of panels, handles and accessories, it harmoniously accommodates all manners of tastes.

Gradara is above all a guarantee of extraordinary performance levels in terms of security and safety: its burglar resistance class is level three. It can be accessorised with the mono-functional aperture limit stop which, when activated, allows the door to open partially only. It can also be fitted with the door closer, a mechanism that means the door shuts after you have walked through it.

The sophisticated mechanics do not neglect indoor comfort, for the benefit of thermal and acoustic protection: Gradara keeps heat, cold and noise at bay.

Gradara Pro is an evolution of the basic version, from which it differs in the concealed hinges.

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