Marostica, Marostica Pro security door

Intelligence pulls out all the stops and embraces the security door. It is the new frontier that is expressed in the versatile and innovative Scrigno Tech line, with Marostica and Marostica Pro.

Marostica Pro is the evolution of the basic model, Marostica, which it differs from in its concealed hinges.
Marostica and Marostica Pro are smart solutions, fitted with motorised electronic safety locks. They open thanks to the standard transponders: these electronic devices are designed to store, transmit and interpret an unequivocal code, the access key.
With Marostica and Marostica Pro, home automation enters the home through the front door. Because these security doors are also designed for configuration of remote access control. Peace of mind and safety are the key words.
But that’s not all. Comfort, quality and technology are intertwined in these solutions that ensure a burglar-resistance class three, as well as noise protection and the upkeep of comfortable microclimate conditions.
And as high-tech amalgamates with the structure, Marostica and Marostica Pro conform to the style of the living environment in which they are fitted, thanks to the wide choice of panels and accessories that can be chosen.

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