Miramare, Miramare Pro security door

Elegance, transparency, smoothness. They are the expressive channels of security doors capable of playing with light. Miramare and Miramare Pro. Their delicacy conceals their mighty structure. Glass, always considered to be a fragile element, is proposed here in the shatter-proof chamber glass version, a solution capable of resisting break-ins masterfully.

Combined with a state-of-the-art technological system, Miramare and Miramare Pro guarantee class three burglar resistance.
They are effortlessly flooded by light to accompany and enhance the brightness of your indoor settings. At the same time, their simple, crystal-clear silhouettes lighten the visual impact on the outside.
Miramare Pro is an evolution of the basic version, from which it differs in the concealed hinges. Both are part of Scrigno’s Tech line of security doors which not only protect against possible break-ins but are designed effectively to preserve your indoor comfort in terms of thermal and acoustic performance: they do not disperse heat in winter and keep you cool in summer, ensuring privacy and silence.

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