Olvera security door

For sumptuous entrance halls, with a classic tradition. Olvera was coined for entrances that do not wish to waver a typical arched shape. A classic, contemporary and timeless.

Olvera is the arched security door: the ideal solution to achieve perfect harmony in traditional settings, which nevertheless also effectively interprets contrasting roles, blending in seamless with more modern and minimalist settings too.
It is part of the Scrigno Tech line, a range capable of accommodating all functional and design needs.
The thermal insulation ensures heat in the colder months and keeps you cool in the summer.
The outer panels range from the lacquered to the veneered versions, including the laminate solutions with a wood or textured look. The range of choices is expanded to adapt its internal styling to the characteristics of the indoor environment it opens into.
Handles, peepholes, aperture limit stops: Olvera can be equipped with all the details required of a security door, capable of protecting with practical solidity and styling lightness. It enhances the value of its surroundings. It preserves privacy. It safeguards your well-being.

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