Pratico counter frame

Balance, symmetry, efficiency. The coming together of these characteristics gives rise to Pratico, Scrigno’s system of counter frames devised to refine and embrace adjoining rooms.

Beautiful and functional, it is designed to accommodate two sliding doors inside a single central case. Elegant yet far from cumbersome, but rather space-saving. It minimises the amount of space it takes up, blending in with its surroundings gently, without overwhelming them. Focusing on attention to detail and modernising spaces, it does not neglect the artistic identity of the setting. Pratico is the solution to the challenge of creating harmony between the bedrooms and the living room. The counter frame acts as a mediator between spaces, allowing them to communicate. Pratico completes the rooms that play host to it, lending the setting symmetry and striking an aesthetic balance. The two rooms, which are in fact separate, thus have the illusion of being a single large split environment. The Pratico counter frame symmetrically doubles the passageway towards two adjoining rooms - such as a bathroom and a bathroom - while keeping their interdependence and overall connection strong. Natural light from the outside thus manages to enhance the geometric shapes and finishes of the space. Owing to these characteristics, it can also be used in non-domestic settings where it is useful to identify and distinguish two different areas. The counter frame is extremely versatile; it is available for masonry walls and can be finished to the nearest centimetre.

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