Remix counter frame

The Remix counter frame is the result of the perfect marriage of the Base and Granluce models. “Nomen omen” as the Latins said, and Remix is the best proof of this. It hints at its hybrid nature while at the same time skilfully leaving room for curiosity to understand where this marriage actually takes place. Truly one of a kind, it is patented exclusively by Scrigno.

The Remix counter frame borrows the double door sliding and concealing mechanism from Granluce and the slimness of the doors from Base Doppio. It not only combines these features, but manages to make best use of the clever mechanisms and advantages, thus creating an innovative and sophisticated model that is a cut above its predecessors. It knows how to be inspired and how to innovate. It is clever, but it never forgets its prerogatives of elegance and sophistication, which remain its utmost qualities. To bring out the best of its characteristics and functionality, combination with glass doors is recommended. As versatile as its predecessors, it has extremely slim doors – just 1 cm thick – yet they are far from fragile. The two sliding glass doors are housed in a single counter frame and they convey a feeling of stability, in conjunction with the walls that contain the doors once they disappear out of sight. In settings with masonry walls, it is only available in the single door version.

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